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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Old Lynchburg Road Safety, Sidewalks and Drainage Project Update

From Charlottesville City Engineer Tony Edwards:

Hello everyone,We have made a lot of good progress since the last schedule update. If the weather will allow it the plans are to have a lot more activity within the project limits. I appreciate the neighborhoods support and patience with the interruptions to normal use of the area. As indicated by the schedule below, we are hopeful that more of the areas can be dressed up soon. May 20, 2013 thru May 24, 2013
Storm structures from #120 OLR to J.P.A will be installed which will complete main storm run.

Concrete crews will be working on curbs and aprons at 241 OLR thru 236 OLR, then jumping over to 223 OLR and continue up OLR, as weather and time allows. These addresses will be notified day prior.

The grading crew will be working in the bio-retention pond area and will start trucking in fill material Tuesday.

* The railing contractor will be scheduled to install railings in designated area behind the sidewalk.

May 27 thru May 31
Utility crew will complete the water services this week and double check for completeness.

Concrete crews will continue at curbs / aprons at 219 OLR heading up OLR

Strom water management pond will be rough graded then lining crew will move in to install liner and bio- mix.

Light company will bore under OLR to install crosswalk controls

* all work controlled by weather* expect road closer every day to all thru traffic. Local traffic will have controlled access.

Tony EdwardsCity Engineer, CFM

Monday, May 6, 2013

May 2013 FSNA Meeting Agenda

Fry’s Spring Neighborhood Association

May 8, 2013
Next FSNA Meeting – June 12, 2013

NOTICE: Bike, Walk, Play JPA scheduled for Sat. August 17th
Volunteers Contact

JPA Extended Arboretum
Dorothy Smith, Charlottesville Tree Commission

Azalea Park Update
Brian Becker

OLR SS&D Update
Tony Edwards email read

2013 Elections
City Council Democratic Candidates Forum

Other Business

Friday, May 3, 2013

Old Lynchburg Road Safety, Sidewalks and Drainage Update

From Charlottesville engineer Tony Edwards:

Hello everyone,
We have a lot of activities planned for the next two weeks, so your help in getting this information out is greatly appreciated.

May 2 & 3
Storm pipe installation will continue along OLR from 209 - 201.
Retaining walls at OLR 126,119,118,113,112 & 301 Middleton will be completed.
clearing operations will continue behind the Beach Club pool.

May 6- 10
Water service line work will be done at 250,248,246,242,240,238,110,118.
Storm outlet end  wall work at Middleton Lane  and creek will resume.
Concrete curb & sidewalk work will be installed at 227,225,223,221 OLR.
Concrete curb and driveway work along the east side will begin at 252,250,248,246.

May 13 to 17
Storm pipe work behind the behind and along side the Beach Club fence will begin. Top soil will be stockpiled from within the basin area behind the pool.
Concrete curb , sidewalks and driveways will be installed 215,213,211,209,207 OLR.
Traffic access will be limited to one lane and local traffic only. Please take alternate routes whenever possible. We apologize for the dust created in our efforts to keep the streets clear of dirt & mud. Once the retaining wall construction is complete there will be less need to sweep the streets and less dust. We appreciate your understanding. New driveway entrances will require no access to the driveways while the concrete cures. This generally takes 72 hours. We see that great coordination among property owners to share each others driveways during this period has worked will and trust this can continue. We thank you for letting us know of any special needs for access ahead of time and will work with those situations to accommodate where possible.
Thanks again for everyone's positive approach and cooperation towards getting these great improvements completed.