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Monday, September 24, 2012

FSNA Will Elect A New Board In October

On October 21st the Fry's Spring Neighborhood Association will hold its annual meeting and neighborhood social event.  The board nominees for the next year are:

President - Hardy Whitten
Vice President - Inessa Telefus
Treasurer - Terri Di Cintio
Corresponding Sec. - Hiroshi Parker
Recording Sec. - Mike Farruggio
Pres ExOfficio - Peter Hedlund
At-Large members:
Brian Becker
Hillary Bracken
Jeff Greer
Susan Elliott
Kerry Hannon

Nominations are still being accepted!


The City is Revising Its Comprehensive Plan. Make Your Voice Heard

Residents will be asked to provide feedback on the City’s Comprehensive Plan Goals and Future Land Use Plan

Purpose: To bring together the One Community comments, the Comprehensive Plan Chapter update meetings, and other feedback into a draft Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Map. The meetings will provide an interactive opportunity for participants to review the Comp Plan Goals and Land Use Map.

**All three meetings will have the same content. Please choose the time and location that is most convenient for you

Wednesday, October 17th Buford Middle School Cafeteria - 6-8pm

Thursday, October 25th Venable Elementary Auditorium - 6-8pm

Thursday, November 1st Clark Elementary School Gymnasium- 7-9pm

The JPA Bridge Is Done. What's Next?

Old Lynchburg Road project is moving forward. For more information check the Current Projects page at

Charlottesville : Current Projects:

Thursday, September 6, 2012

OLR Safety, Sidewalks & Drainage Update

September 6, 2012 Update from Charlottesville Engineer Tony Edwards:

There has been a lot of positive movement towards completing the necessary property transactions. City Council has met on August 20th & September 4th about items related to the sale of property to the city and the city conveying a strip of existing right of way along Old Lynchburg Road to the Fry’s Spring Beach Club. Both parties are moving forward with finalizing the remaining details relating to the agreement. One more right of way request was deeded to the city yesterday.  It is expected that 1 more right of way acquisition will be finalized this Friday. Out of the 9 total right of way requests required only one should be remaining after this week. The owner & mortgage company have agreed with the city’s request, however they are working the terms of their internal process. We hope to have the results of their meeting next week.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What Will the "Welcome To Fry's Spring" Sign Look Like?

You can help pick it the sign people will see when they cross the new JPA Bridge and enter our neighborhood.

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