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Monday, February 29, 2016

High Speed Internet Service Coming to Fry's Spring

“We are moving into Fifeville, [Jefferson Park Avenue] and the Fry’s Spring neighborhoods,” Fooks said. “We have coverage in those neighborhoods; we are just waiting for the rest of the poles to be permitted.”

Monday, February 8, 2016

February Announcements

It’s really winter!  The blizzard of 2016 may have been disruptive, but it also afforded many of us the chance to connect with our neighbors.  With so many cars buried in the snow, it was natural for many residents to travel by foot, if only to enjoy the beauty of a fresh snowfall. FSNA thanks those who worked so hard in the days after the storm to clear a safe path.  It’s also very heartening to know that so many of you think of your neighbors who need help with the heavy lifting. For folks who are unable to shovel, even just giving them clear access to the sidewalk or street makes a huge difference!

The City Fire Chief, Andrew Baxter, recently shared news of his team’s efforts during the storm:  “Our troops did an amazing job throughout the storm during difficult conditions. We added additional staffing and utilized two four-wheel drive units that provided improved access to some of our neighborhoods that were greatly affected by the snow. We had a “near-miss” fire in an apartment building on JPA across the street from Fry’s Spring Station during the storm. Fortunately, a rapid, robust response was able to keep a contents fire on the balcony from extending into the building.”

Charlottesville is looking for a new Police Chief.  From the City Director of Communications: “The search for the next Charlottesville Police Chief is underway and the City of Charlottesville is seeking feedback from the public.  Anyone with thoughts about what they would like to see in the next Chief of Police may email

Did you know?  Fry’s Spring is on Nextdoor. is a private social network for neighborhoods.  It’s another way to stay informed about what is happening in Fry’s Spring. Nearly 100 of your neighbors use it.  Try it and see for yourself!

RSWA Amnesty Days are here! The Rivanna Solid Waste Authority has announced collection dates for household hazardous waste (April 1-2), furniture and mattresses (April 9), appliances (April 16) and tires (April 23).  For more information, see

Relay Foods, who presented to us in November, would like you to know that it has extended its Fry's Spring discount offer to December 2016!  See

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We have no guest speakers this month. 
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